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    We are not so diffrent

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    We are not so diffrent

    Post by dylan on Mon Mar 16, 2009 7:14 pm

    I'm Alexies and this is my sister Alana we may not look alike but we are not so diffrent

    "Alexies leave me alone"I yelled to my sister
    "No i know you got my Twilight book i want it back Now"Alexies told me
    "Why on earth would i want your freaking Twilight book"I told her

    "Alana just give it back to your sister"Dylan our mother yelled from downstairs
    "Here baby"I said grabbing it from under all my magazine's

    "Come on"Alexies said grabbing my hand
    "Ow your so dump you made me burn my self with the straightner"I yelled
    "Shut up and are you wearing that dress to school you know it's school"Alexies said tugging on her just bleached blonde hair

    "Alexies why would you color your hair blonde and go around in ripped jeans and ugly shirts"I laughed"And where heavy black makeup

    "Alana if your not downstairs in 5 i'm leaving without you"Alexies yelled
    "Do it i will just have my boyfreind come for me"I told her sticking out my toungue


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