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    Serenity's Poems


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    Serenity's Poems

    Post by AngelSe-se on Sat Apr 25, 2009 10:32 pm


    Looking through the window
    Longing in his eyes
    The desire to chase after me
    And hold me
    And kiss me forever
    Fighting against him
    The realization
    That he will Probably
    Never hold me again
    Washing over him

    Looking back
    Into his sorrowful blue eyes
    Seeing his thoughts
    Feeling his pain
    Fighting the desire
    To stay there
    And kiss him for eternity

    I needed him
    And he needed me
    I loved him
    And he loved me

    Sister To Sister

    Best friends never forget each other.
    Sisters never leave each other.
    Angels never die.

    We were sisters before we knew it
    And now that we do,
    No one can separate us.
    Now there's miles between us,
    But we're still right beside each other.
    We're two bodies,
    But one soul.

    Living this far apart,
    really messes with any kind of relationship.
    Someday we'll be eye to eye again,
    And I can't wait for that day to come.
    Sisy I love you!


    I'm falling into the shadows
    Away from the heat of the sun
    The darknes is closing in
    I can't see
    Where am I
    How did I get here
    The darkness is dragging me under
    With my last breath
    I whisper your name...
    Then its done
    the darkness won

    Secret Me

    Secret me
    Always hidden
    So afraid to come out of the shadows
    Worried about how you'll take it

    Worry unnecessary
    Knowing you'll still love me
    But afraid to see your reaction

    I need to tell you
    To let you see the real me
    I hate keeping secrets from you
    But I'm afraid


    Life changes when you least expect it>
    In the blink of an eye you were gone.
    It hurt me so much,
    But I know that you're watching over me.
    Bodies will disappear but spirits linger forever.
    And your's is with me where ever I go.


    There's a new fire in my heart
    When I see your face
    Sparks ignite
    When i see your smile
    Flames erupt
    When you're near
    I laugh and smile
    But when you're gone
    I'm quiet and sad

    Side Road

    I'm on a straight dirt road.
    I can see for miles.
    But all of a sudden there's a side road,
    All winding and bumpy.

    Everyone is telling me to stay on the main road,
    That shortcuts are bad.

    The side road looks alot harder to walk down,
    But it looks so pretty,
    With flowers and animals on the sides.

    I tell everyone to shut up,
    And I head down the side road.
    At once it was obvious that no one had been down here in a long time.
    Being alone is better than following everyone else.

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