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    What If Things DON'T Get Better?


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    What If Things DON'T Get Better?

    Post by aNNaCuLLeN on Tue Mar 24, 2009 12:21 pm

    Anna stepped out of the red Saturn Vu with a frown carved on her face. She stomped to the trunk and opened it. She snatched three bags of groceries before Thad did. he night events played in her head.

    Melina had thrown her new bunny into Anna's lap. Anna started looking at it.
    "Give it back!" Melina whined.
    "Hold on." Anna replied.
    "Give it!!!!" Melina squealed.
    "Fine!" Anna said angrily. "Take the f***in thing!"
    Melina hit Anna on the side of the face with the bunny's ears.
    "Ow! That hurts!" Anna said rubbing her cheek.
    Thad walked back from the buggy-return.
    "Melina hit me and it hurts." Anna said calmly, she didn't like to be a tattle tail.
    "I'm so glad you don't act like babies out in public." Thad grumbled.
    "You're being sarcastic." Anna sighed.
    "Yes I am," Thad replied. "It's one thing to fight at home, but out in public! I'd think you'd care about, Anna, since you're in middle school."
    "We were in the car! That's not public!" Anna snapped.
    "People can see you!"
    "The windows are tinted!"
    "Be quiet!" Thad snapped because he knew Anna had won the fight.
    Anna had scowled at her father when he wasn't looking. The drive home seemed like it took forever, when, really, it only took 5 minutes.

    Anna snapped out of her thoughts as she walked into her room. She looked at her lime green walls. The wall that you saw when you first walked in was covered in circle & square stickers in the colors hoot pink, orange, and aqua.
    Anna walked over to her DVD player and put in Aquamarine. She grabbed her diary and began writing.

    Dear Diary,
    UGH!!!!!!!! Dad is being sooooooooooooooo annoying! He tells me I'M acting like a baby when he treats Momma like sh** sometimes. ik that things are hard but lately he's been kinda harsh. Maybe he'll get over it.
    Hey guys! so this story is based on my life & sum of the stuff th@s happening all of it is TRUE! this all happened a few nights ago.the diary entries are fake but th@s all. plz tell me what you think!!

    p.s I cuss alot bad habit i need 2 break

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    Re: What If Things DON'T Get Better?

    Post by Tiffany on Wed Mar 25, 2009 6:47 pm

    I really like it. Add more soon.

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